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Bring your vision to life

At Desert Wraps and Graphics Az, We understand that every client has a unique vision, and we are committed to bringing that vision to life.

Our mission is to enhance brand visibility while creating a personalized design that'll keep the client's ideas alive.

our work

commercial wraps

These wraps are tailored to your companies information.

reflective vinyl

Designed to the clients needs

Custom decals

UTV custom wraps

custom clothing

Custom mugs

Our significance

•Our product is designed especially to your needs.

• Vinyl is simple and easy to use, not to mention Its durability to withstand various weather conditions make it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor applications

• Affordability and durability is the main draw for our consumers

Product Benefits

Vinyl film can be used for signage, vehicle wraps, and custom decals, making it a great choice for businesses looking to make a big impact.

With vinyl film, business owners can easily change up their design or messaging without committing to a permanent change. This flexibility allows for greater creativity and innovation in marketing and branding efforts.


How long will it take to receive my custom piece?

Depending on the design process. Having good communication a custom wrap with graphic design can be done in about 3-4 business days.

How do you charge wraps?

We charge the vinyl based on the sq of vinyl used.

Production set up is based on the time it took to set up the project before the application.

The installation is based on the difficulties of the vehicle and the time it’ll take us to execute the project.

Do you offer mobile services?

We offer mobile services at a travel fee.

How long does a logo creation take?

A logo design can take about 1-2 days having good communication with the client.

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